US Bankruptcy Filing Forms For Debtors

We present these debtor bankruptcy forms for both attorneys and people who need to file bankruptcy pro se, or on their own. While we welcome the public making use of the forms please note that we highly recommend all who must file for bankruptcy should hire a bankruptcy lawyer. Even in cases where you may require an emergency chapter 13 bankruptcy to avoid mortgage foreclosure you should soon thereafter find a bankruptcy attorney to complete the case. Just because you use your own bankruptcy forms to file your case initially you need not proceed through the completion of the case without professional help. It remains a sad fact that most chapter 13 bankruptcy cases fail, donít make your odds any worse but attempting to endeavor into an area of complex law where you possess no expertise. Even filing chapter 7 bankruptcy can backfire resulting in your debts not being discharged without the ability to file for bankruptcy again for many years. If you are not sure of what action to take to deal with your debt you may use our automated free bankruptcy second opinion program. Hopefully you find the bankruptcy forms useful, good luck resolving your debt problems or those of your clients.

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