US Bankruptcy Filing Forms For Creditors

We present these creditor bankruptcy forms for both attorneys and people owed money from individuals or businesses who filed for bankruptcy. While we welcome the public making use of the forms please note that we highly recommend all involved in bankruptcy cases should hire an attorney. When specific forms or actions may be needed by a creditor remains an issue best handled by an expert. In addition, most bankruptcy filings require little or no action by the creditor and result in very little money if any going to most creditors. A bankruptcy proof of claim form might be the most sought after in this area of law, but in many cases as long as the debtor accurately documented the money owed in their debtor bankruptcy forms a creditor proof of claim may not be needed. Creditors certainly want to participate in voting on a bankruptcy reorganization when given the chance, but most bankruptcy cases involve chapter 7 or chapter 13 where the court offers no organized voting like you see in chapter 11 plans. Hopefully you find the bankruptcy forms useful, good luck recovering the debt you are owed or that of your clients.

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